28 March 2012


It's suddenly been dawning on the skeleton staff here at TSLR Towers that this season is slowly fading away. But, before it disappears into our collective memories forever, there is time to pause, think and reflect on what has been - and continues to be - a quite superb season.

That's right, for those of you not following us or any other Albion related-ish drivel on Twitter, it is time to make you aware of your duty to us. It is time to start working on your answers for the TSLR End of Season Fans Survey 2011/12. We've had a wonderful response already and whittling the answers down for publication in TSLR039 - the final issue of the season out next month at the Reading match - is already looking problematic.

There was such a phenomenal response to the survey last season that we had to publish loads more answers on this very blog back in June 2011. If you need some inspiration from those survey monkeys then look no further the most text heavy, aesthetically unappealing blog post we have ever published.

You can log on to our page on Survey Monkey and submit your answers there. Either that or you could copy and past the questions as set out below and email them with your inspirational answers to us at the usual address - tslr@hotmail.co.uk

1. What's your name / nickname / NSC name / Twitter name…whatever?
2. OK, let's go ... What has been your favourite game this season and why?
3. And what was the worst game this season and why?
4. Tell us what your favourite (not necessarily the best) goal was this season and why?
5. SeagLOLs: what was the funniest thing you've seen at a game this season?
6. Right, now we want to know what your most memorable away trip was this season and why?
7. The Amex: what is your favourite thing about our new stadium?
8. Apart from the proposed expansion, what extras would you like to see at The Amex (you can be creative here...)
9. Who would be your FLAIR player of the season and why? Please consider disciplinary record, good looks, lack of effort, goals and criminal offences in your answer...
10. Last question: If Piglet's Pantry were making a Vicente Pie, what ingredients would you put in it? (these do not have to be edible, obviously)...

We've been slightly quiet on the blog this week - thanks in small part to us whoring ourselves out to yet another football blog that isn't this one. The awesome Two Unfortunates have actually published our Albion related drivel all about the sad homecoming of Micky Adams four or so years ago. You can read it here.

And finally, if you would like to contribute to the proper-made-of-paper TSLR this season then please get your articles into our aforementioned Hotmail account by Sunday please and we'll see what we can do.

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