30 March 2012


Some may say we're still bitter about that FA Cup performance and they would be right but this screenshot from an ESPN interview with (Wan)king Kenny is probably worth posting here as an Albion related-ish piece of drivel.

Note that he actually 'reached 4 FA cup finals as a manger'. Now far be it for us to be picky about a little typo but could the second-rate-football-coverage-outlet be making a serious point? Reading the description as set out below it does seem as if ESPN are right on the money.

A trough or an open box in which feed for livestock is placed

This little beauty of a photo was sent to us by TSLR staff photographer the WSL Snapper. He is taking part in this year's Brighton Marathon so click away and sponsor him here. It's like TSLR in the Community or something...

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