4 April 2012


Apologies for the lack of action on the bloggington recently but we have been busy beavering away on the last issue of the season. It has now hit the printers but will not be available until the Reading home match next Tuesday at Falmer. And people wonder why paper fanzines tend to be being replaced by online versions these days.

Anyway, we picked up a quality copy of the Middlesbrough fanzine and we'll be reviewing that on here in due course but in the meantime we thought we'd have a look at the bizarrely sized 'boro matchday programme we picked up on our travels to the chicken parmo country earlier in the season... 

OK, so it isn’t even a fanzine. We picked up this un-titled Middlesbrough programme when we visited the north east back in early December and had to blog about it for two reasons. Firstly, we didn’t even buy it - it was found amongst the confetti on the floor of the away end otherwise known as TSLR034 - we would never have the audacity to buy a glossy programme that simply lists the Albion player details as specified at the beginning of said season. Secondly, it is fooking massive. It’s a square publication with the height and width the size of the width of A4. It looks like the size of a seven inch record cover (but is actually an inch or so shorter on both sides). 

We didn’t actually read it - a flick through revealed some decent pictures - so we can’t tell you whether it’s a good glossy programme or not. And even if we had read it, we don’t read the Albion programme so it’s not like we could compare it with anything anyway (we sometimes read the Albion programme when we've heard about them copying our features several months late actually). 

Middlesbrough, make your programme a programme size please. That is all.

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