5 April 2012


Ah, Turf Moor.  Stand in the middle of the pitch and get an instant retrospective of what football was like in the 60s and the 90s by spinning 180 degrees and inspecting the stands that straddle opposite corners of the ground.

The video above is one of TSLR's favourites.  How come these northern mascots can do whatever they want yet Gully and his spawn just hang around outside the ground posing for photos?

Here's a thought.  What with Gully being an anthropomorphic seagull, and seagulls (the actual animal) being reasonably disliked in the city, do the Albion have the only mascot in the football league that is generally thought to be a regualr old pest to the local populus?

One to think about there.

I imagine we'll be in the David Fishwick stand as per.  Built in 1969, it originally had under-seat heating, though upon a few recent visits to the stadium we can safely presume that this has since been removed!

We should take quite a few on this trip, and in a way, a loss would be a significant blow in our play-off challenge.  Not sure why but I just can't see us winning this game, we're just not playing well enough at the minute. Prove me wrong Albion!

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