10 April 2012


The last fanzine of the season is launched tonight so make sure you pick up a copy!

Lots of great stuff inside this month; We've got the best (and worst) of this year's annual Fans Survey filling a whopping 5 pages of smirkers, tear-jerkers and outright beserkers.

A few people have been thinking about that Hereford match all those years ago, and the last game at the Goldstone in comparison to where we are now.  In light of this Albion romance we have caught up with Jim Proudfoot - the guy who commentated on the Donny game (see video below), plus the artwork on the back is a stunning abstract reminisce of that last goal by Stuart Storer.

We also feature the usual opinion, reportage and codswallop, plus a picture of John Prescott and the usual outdated Vicente rhetoric ... at least the cover is self-deprecating, and hey, he might get a hat-trick tonight.

Thank you to anybody who has bought a TSLR this season, it's much appreciated and we're extremely excited about coming back next year for our 5th season of alternative Albion press.

We'll keep updating the blog here over the summer months, and you can always find us on Twitter @tslr

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