15 April 2012


It seems the thing to do these days with smart little forward thinking football fanzines like ourselves to include a little free gift now and again. In light of this unusual act on our behalf, we are including 100 limited edition A3 prints of the backpage artwork from this months TSLR.

The piece, by our artist in residence (since TSLR001 in fact) Miles Lauterwasser, is an end of season special for the 'zine by portraying Stuart Storer's goal against Doncaster Rovers in his trademark style.

The prints are pressed in royal blue organic soya ink using the RISO process and the paper is organic off-white and recycled in England. Each print of the 100 run is hand numbered.

To get your hands on one of these you need to buy a copy of TSLR039, either at the ground on Tuesday or by ordering online using PayPal - see left. The print will be folded up inside the fanzine, and remember, there's only 100 and no more will be printed.

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limited edition prints said...

Definitely i will be one among who gets a copy.