25 April 2012


This was the glorious view down at Goodge Street Tube station in London this morning. In fact, this Fatboy Slim advert has been popping up in Tube stations across the capital over the last week. And it certainly is exciting seeing the Amex being advertised as far as 50 odd miles away from the English Channel.

Unlike football clubs across the country, Falmer is one of the few grounds that is selling out every week. It was in the last week that staff here at TSLR Towers saw a full page advert in the local east London press encouraging readers to fork out a fortune to go and see West Ham United play at home ahead of their (likely) play-off matches. So it may cost you £32 but at least you'll have priority at the Boleyn for the league's knock out stages.

Luckily for us, the excitement of a new stadium has continued throughout the season and desperate advertising campaigns to get fans watching football matches have not had to be plastered all over the Evening Argus. However, there are clearly a few tickets still remaining for the Falmer Fatboy Festival (we recommend you go on the Friday as The 2 Bears have been all over the radio at TSLR Towers for months now). We'll obviously be using the event as a convenient excuse to visit our Mecca when there's no football to watch this summer. That and the wedding fair which has left us desperately searching for contenders for fiancee duties.

One day - many moons from now when the Falmer novelty has worn thin and we have 8k extra empty seats - we might even put up football viewing ticket billboard adverts for all those London-based glory hunters. But until then, we'll have to be content with the fact we have a home that not only puts on concerts but also thinks that people may pay £40 a time to travel down from London to see it. Of course, we all know that visiting Falmer is worth £40 without any music...

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