23 April 2012


The last game at The Amex got us thinking about a few things. Firstly, the last game at the Goldstone, which we honoured with the limited edition run of Stuart Storer prints that we flogged with the fanzine at the Watford game. Secondly, the last game at Withdean.

Nostalgia is a funny one at the Albion. Mention things like the Cup Final in '83, or this season's Donny game and you cast your mind back to full colour panaoramas of blue and white and smiling faces.  On the other side though there are memories that feature no colour at all.  They are grey and people definately are not smiling.

We tried to inject a bit of ironic (or was it?) celebration of Withdean through the previous season's fanzines with features such as Withdreams, and the final issue - TSLR029 - was actually quite moving when we were putting it together. Withdean was humbling for us in a symbolic sense, but distant physically..

Our artist, Miles Wauterlasser, was involved in producing a fitting souvenir to sign-off Withdean, and the little magazine we produced was certainly a more reflective reminder of our time at the Theatre of Trees than the club's Union Jack emblazoned bazarre that sold around 5,000 copies at the Huddersfield Town game.

Anyway, it's up there now to have a browse through.  Try not to cry.

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