20 April 2012


After last year's Battle of Pirates Deep, we're done with throwing substandard end of season shindigs for our evidently teetotal and hermit-like buyers.

Though the dissapointment and lonliness faced at 4.45pm next week has been offset somewhat with an invite thrust into our hands by erstwhile flag-botherers North Stand Kollektiv after the Watford game - see above.

That's right, there's another party to go to instead! *TSLR gets out shoe polish for smart loafers*.

One half of the fanzine editing team will be there along with a host of other Albion fans from all over the place, chatting, drinking and generally having a whale of a time. We hear that some NSK inspired snacks will be there including wafer thin slices of turkey-ham with tiny seagull shapes cut of the middle. Sounds like fun, you should go.

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