12 May 2012


Funnily enough, unique visits to the TSLR blog for these dropped significantly when we posted the answers for what you felt was the worst game of this season just gone. On that basis, this post will surely be the big hitter, the massive signing – the CMS, if you like. When we asked for the most amusing moment of the last season, we didn’t quite realise how good you were going to make it – so thank you kindly. Most responses to the entire survey amused us immensely so we were always going to giggle over your funniest moment. Some are from things that happened on the pitch, some are from things that happened in the terrace (or padded seats) and some are just classic tales of debauchery that have a loose Albion related-ish connection. Wherever they came from, there were LOLs aplenty. Ah, what a season it was...

SeagLOLs: what was the funniest thing you've seen at a game this season? 
Various jester hats, face paintings, half-and-half scarves - fucking hilarious (Soul Finger) // Neil Danns being sent off for Leicester and having to walk past the North Stand and West Stand whilst listening to us sing 'Palace Reject, hello, hello' (Obi77BHA) // You burnt your own town sung at a number of young palace kids in the family stand at palace away! (@seagull32) // The fat steward chasing a Wrexham fan (Happypig) // Burnley players applauding the home crowd after the nine man debacle (@shadyseagull) // My friend who holds a season ticket next to mine, projectile vomiting over 4 seats at half time against Ipswich Town. Was truly disgusting and hilarious in equal measures (@Matt_J_Lewis).
Dan Harding letting things get a little on top of him in the home game against Saints! (@markhiggs71) // Ryan Harley, just simply Ryan Harley (@ImMrBrightside7) // Poyet chasing my 3 year old daughter around when we met him after Leicester game (@klinski1970) // The refereeing performance of Craig Pawson, vs Burnley. In fact, he got both red cards right. But his nerve was gone completely after 15 minutes and decisions were there to be bought and sold, with a shout or cheer. El-Abd kicked it out of play, but gave Pawson the look and bingo, corner to the Albion (Ninja Elephant) // Craig Pawson (sharpey38) // Stephen Grant, but he is the only comedian I have laid eyes upon, so wins by default (Paul Baron).
The crowd reaction at home to Burnley when we were down to 9 men - The Great Escape (nearly) (Wiltshire Seagull) // Adam El-Abd's histrionics getting Ricky Lambert sent off on the 2nd January (Ed Woodhouse) // Seeing someone fall over walking up the steps (Ali_rrr) // Seeing a teenage Palace fan trying to fight a police horse was a magical experience (JohnnyS) // Andy Carroll (@bishthebash) // Best thing I've heard, not seen, is the North Stand singing one nil to the taxpayers against Portsmouth (Tory Boy) // 'You're not crippled any more' from the north stand when a guy in a wheelchair kicked back a ball (Monkey Man) // Billy Paynter (ColBol).

Birmingham away fans calling some slapper a slapper then Marcos Painter throwing his shirt to her. Then singing 'there's only one Mrs Painter' (@Seagull81) // Palace fans being kept in at Selhurst 'for their own safety' (levski seagull) // Unsure which home game, but when a fan ran from the West Stand Lower across the yellow advertising in the South West corner and properly belted an away fan, safe to say he was carted away by the Stewards pretty quickly (Charlie from Birmingham) // Dan Harding being subbed Home v Southampton. He just couldn't take the pressure (Tired Boy) // Poyet calling for the crowd to sarcastically clap the ref v Burnley. Followed immediately by a 20st man taking his shirt off and whipping it round his head to The Great Escape (brightonrock) // Streaker at Soton and Liverpool away... (Masky1).
The fancy sprinklers in the pitch rather surprising a Peterborough(?) substitute by switching on just as he went to get a ball from right next to it (itszamora) // Gully's Girls get a soaking when lining up to welcome the teams and someone turns on the sprinklers. Happens at every game - you'd have thought someone would have been told, but obviously not (Jim D) // Someone moaning about 'all these bloody fans' (Tim Over Whelmed) // Marcus Hancock going disco mental at Ryan Harley in the front row of the WSU and nearly toppling over into the 1901'ers (@notguspoyet) // Walking from Selhurst Station to Selhurst park, some gobby teenagers were giving it all large to the palace fans, then shat themselves when the palace fans confronted them (no harm happened, just a few words and a scuffle), they were not acting so 'hard' after that (matt_32510).

Nigel Adkins unfortunate smug face being rubbed in the dirt (not literally). The look he had when we beat Southampton! (@zanderNewman) // Andy Carroll's frustration at being marked out of the game by Adam El-Abd. As soon as El-Abd was substituted, Carroll scored (Barry Hilton) // Hull away - Razak had a shot in the warmup that missed by so much, it hit a Hull fan on the back of the head and made him drop his pies (@seagullsim) // Funny Weird was Vincelot jiggling his arm back into its socket in front of the family stand (Regency Gull) // Dunk's own goal at Liverpool. I loved the TSLR artwork on this (@demonkarlos).
LuaLua's celebration after Buckley's goal vs Nottm Forest! (Xander/SeagullSongs) // Poyet kicking water bottles down the touch line and his general animated behaviour (@dazpaine) // The Ipswich banner - so wide of the mark it was just hilarious (BlueWhiteStripes) // Daniel Andrew Harding (simon h) // A friend basically downing a bottle of wine before Palace at home and getting chucked out then falling asleep on the train and waking up in London (Mutley) // Mouthy Brighton pikeys becoming quieter and quieter as they get nearer the Millwall fans in Cowards way (watsongooal) // I'd go for the kid in the North shouting 'Oi ref, you're mum's a horse' at the Burnley ref (Kumquat) // The Eagle at Selhurst nearly taking out one of the scum's players! (Dowling93) // On the way back from Derby, reading my tweets, when one of the players high jacked Ankegrens phone whilst he slept and tweeted 'I Love Cock' (@brettmendoza) // The late late undeserved wins! (Jam The Man).
The streaker at the Liverpool away game, when he went up to Carragher and gave him a hug (@tilzo15) // John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood (that bloke with the Bell) getting Chucked out of the Amex! (@NickJ4797) // The goal mouth scramble with Pompey had me laughing wildly (Billy) // My best mate turning up with 69 printed on his away shirt when I had been talking about the ridiculousness of shirt numbers (@elbowpatches) // Our favourite unsaintly left back Dan Harding getting substituted and throwing his toys out of the pram was pretty amusing (Midfield Diamond) // The Ipswich Banner (Tottonseagull) // Gully's Girls (Marvellous Marv) // Harley's penalty at Millwall. So bad, you just had to laugh (Falmer Flutter).

The muppetry of the own goals at Liverpool (Swiss Tony) // Dunk's OG at Anfield (@benrawlings77) // Albion down to 9 in the first 10 minutes - hilarious. But then I do have a very warped sense of humour (Bitter and Twisted) // SunnyDelight man substituting Harding, presumably because he couldn’t keep up with our wingers (Boz) // Bunch of Scandanavians ripping their shirts off in West Stand Lower and the North standers singing get your shirts off for the lads! (MissyMarshy) // El Abd doing his innocent 'what, me?' act earning Ricky Lambert a straight red at Southampton (Jem Stone) // Dan Harding getting the mother of all runarounds before being hauled off. After 40 minutes (MBH) // A certain tslr contributors advances towards a young Blackool fan who turned out to be just 14 years old (to be fair to him as soon as her age was established he retreated sharpish) (Ste)

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