10 May 2012


The third in our series of memories from the Albion’s first season at Falmer asked about goals. Some great candidates nominated by you made the list - most of them scored for the Albion but a few hilarious entries credited goals from Burnley and Liverpool, albeit the latter ones were generally scored by us. Of course, our end of season survey was completed by you lot with about six games still to go - TSLR Towers would therefore love to nominate Gary Dicker’s special touch into the net at Upton Park with his standing leg. Yet again, thanks to all of you surveyors for getting involved with our online survey this season. Once we cut the crap, it certainly made us giggle. 

Tell us what your favourite (not necessarily the best) goal was this season and why? 
Buckley’s winner against Donny. One of the best moments of my life (@markhiggs71) // Buckley versus Doncaster, I cried (Ali_rrr) // Buckley's winner against Donny. I'd 'manned-up' and stopped my girlie crying but all that emotion came flooding out of my tear ducts once more (Midfield Diamond) // Buckley's winner in the first game. Had a great view of the whole move from the North and the way he calmly swept it in was like the finest poetry. Then the whole ground just went bat shit mental (Falmer Flutter).
Ryan Harley's wonder free kick against Peterborough, which tricked me into thinking he was good for quite a while (until Millwall away, anyway) (JohnnyS) // The Ryan Harley free kick, totally unexpected (Fan-with-no-name). Craig Mackail Smiths little turny spin v Leeds just took the piss really. Loved it (Drumstick).
Fave goal was CMS (pictured above with European Football Weekend's Danny Last) against Palace at home. For 70 mins I was dreaming. Then it all went WRONG. FFSMurray etc etc (Tony Meolas Loan Spell).

Probably Vincelot's goal against Coventry at home, the way he managed to get that much power on a header without jumping and how he managed to find the corner of the goal (LorenzoBHAFC) // Vincelot's long range header (can't remember who it was against). It's my favourite because he's got a massive nob (Lawrence Wisdom).

Kieran Trippier - Burnley. Albion fans celebrating an away goal going in 32 minutes into a game and the way the Brighton players reacted for the remaining 58 (Carter). // Matt Sparrow - the 2nd vs Saints. Great to beat them, get some revenge (@davidrbiggs).

Any Calde goal (@shadyseagull) // Calderon's goal - mate Crafty was havin’ a piss and missed it! Ahahahahaha (T-bone da T-Rex) // Calderon v Bristol City. As me and my mate take a Basque flag to each game, and before the game at the handshakes he pointed at us! After the game he pumped his chest, kissed the badge and waved at us, such a fantastic moment (Billy) // Calderon v David James. It had to be perfect, and it was (MBH).
LuaLua's free kick at Anfield (Happypig) // LuaLua’s free kick at Liverpool, gave us hope, all be it a whimsical false hope that was laughing behind our backs, but a glimmer of hope none the less (Marvellous Marv) // LuaLua v Liverpool away. Gave us a sniff of a chance, even if only for 20 mins or so (@benrawlings77) // The muppetry of the own goals at Liverpool (Swiss Tony) // Showboating from the rookie Lewis Dunk. Not many players would have the guts to juggle the ball into the net in front of the famous Kop (Paul Baron) // Lewis Dunk OG against Liverpool. I laughed my tits off at that one (Waino696969).

Alan Navarro at Leeds. I had a fiver on him netting the last goal at 25/1. The rest is history but it was a good night (@Seagull81).

CMS goal v Ipswich - assist from Greer then Buckley - refreshingly direct - 10 seconds from leaving Greer’s boot to CMS hitting the back of the net (Wiltshire Seagull) // I really enjoyed CMS' v Ipswich, for the sheer volume of the home reaction to 'Bannergate' (brightonrock).
Vicente's free kick versus Portsmouth. It was a fairy tale return from injury and reintroduction to our supporters with some having written him off. The guy is pure class and we are lucky to have him!! (Obi77BHA) // Seeing Vicente score at the Amex, need I say more (sharpey38) // Vicente's first against Portsmouth. To see a player of that class score for us and for it to clearly mean so much to him was just amazing (itszamora).
Kazenga to Vicente to Barnes vs Derby. Just sublime skills from all 3 involved (BlueWhiteStripes).

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