9 May 2012


This is the second in our series of your answers supplementing our blog. Having pondered the greatest game of the Albion season in our post published on Saturday, we turned to the dark side when looking at the answers for our second question. Congratulations to all who answered and somehow managed to avoid actually stating who we played against in some unmemorable disastrous game at Falmer in September, but it was that awful game that plays a large part in this answer. Oh, and thanks to the photoshopper whose photee of Gordon Greer and Glenn M****y's head we have used without any sort of permission.

And what was the worst game this season and why? 

Burnley @ Home 0-1. Down to 9 after 12 minutes. Dreadful (Carter). 
Ipswich away... lost and wore the wrong shirt as was roasting! (@seagull32) // Ipswich away. We lost but I paid 38 quid for the experience. And there wasn't any leg room and they didn't sell beer at half time. Do you want me to carry on? Bumpkins (@Seagull81).
Losing to 'them' (Happypig) // Crystal Palace at home... never been as gutted to lose a game as that, the jeers, just the pure disappointment of being 1-0 up and then losing 3-1 to our biggest rivals was too much (LorenzoBHAFC) // Silly question really, I'll give you a clue it was in September (@markhiggs71) // There was a terrible/diabolical/tragic game towards the end of September, but selective memory disallows further details, thankfully. I do remember the first 80 minutes, but the rest is a blank (Paul Baron).

Palace at home, obviously. How much worse could it have got? Prescott parachuting in after 94 minutes and announcing a loophole he'd overlooked, meaning Falmer should never have had planning permission and would have to be demolished? (Monkey Man) // A standard answer I'd imagine; the game at home in late September where we lost 3-1 (Charlie from Birmingham) // I can think of no traumatic events this season #suppressedmemories (brightonrock).
Palace at home. We capitulated to a weaker team (@zanderNewman) // Definitely Palace... watching Harley potter around the midfield like he had no care in the world made me want to self harm (Tom Stewart) // Having to sit with 10 or so palace fans on the train back to Croydon singing 'Did you cry when Murray scored?' wasn't a highlight (Kumquat) // Murray. Grrrr. Has anyone else suggested another? (Jem Stone) // Palace at home. In many ways it was worse than the 5-0. It made me want to cry (Ste).
Watford away... Awful (Maski) // Watford away, we looked like relegation fodder (levski seagull) // Watford Away, no shots, no passion, no guts, no desire, no goals, no points (@notguspoyet) // An honourable mention to Watford away - took my non-Brighton supporting brother and nephew and was singing our praises prior to kick-off. We were just shithouse (Falmer Flutter). 

Leicester, was bloody cold! (Ali_rrr). 
Coventry Away - very poor performance and took my Mum and Dad (Wiltshire Seagull) // Coventry away. Dreadful performance, leaving me with the feeling we would slip down the league. How wrong I was (Ed Woodhouse) // Coventry (Away), thought it would be an easy 3 points, how wrong I was we were totally shite that day and it was a crap hole as well (matt_32510) // Coventry away - just dire (Robbie Eyles). 

Wrexham because it was absolutely gash (Lawrence Wisdom). The 6-1 away to Liverpool was of course fucking embarrassing. I was in an Irish pub in Manchester surrounded by plastic reds who did not exactly forgive my lonely but proud and loud roar as we equalised (JonathanLivingstonSeagull). 
Millwall at home. Constantly struggling to get back on level terms was a cruel parody of my futile efforts to claw my way back into my girlfriend's good books after sacking her off for the footy on Valentine's day. Being stuck on a train full of Millwall fans for 25 minutes while they pointed out that the combination of having a moustache and being a Brighton fan meant that I would meet a similar end to my supposed lookalike Freddie Mercury didn't help either (JohnnyS). 

Forest away, shit performance, shit food, shit stewards, shit ob & I lost my £200 Armani glasses, other than that great day out (@dazpaine).

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