5 May 2012


It's the first Saturday we've had to ourselves for ages and one we've been very much looking forward to. So, what are TSLR planning to do on this first Saturday without the Albion? Er, getting up early to upload a blog post which relives all the best moments. Obviously. For almost every match since the West Ham one, I've been looking forward to this, the first Saturday of summer. But now it's here, I simply don't know what to do with myself. I mean, this time last week I was on my way to Barnsley and already drunk. Without football, I have no excuse to be alcoholic.

Anyhow, back in TSLR039's Fans' Survey, amidst the praise to our readers, we mentioned that the initial pick of questionnaire answers was a large array of Albion supporting brilliance. It was. But it didn't all quite fit into 32 paper pages of Albion related-ish drivel so we promised that we would offer the full, unadulterated version on the blog at the end of the season. Well, the end of the season came. So we thought, so should the survey.

We'll be bringing you each question we pondered back at the end of March with all the best answers from you over the next couple of weeks or so. Thanks to all of you for purchasing, selling, contributing, survey filling, not treating us like Big Issue sellers and generally sharing a good laugh with us all season. We've enjoyed it immensely - and hope you have too. Thanks to all our surveyors - without you, this blog would be nothing (it really would be nothing - this page would be blank).
What has been your favourite game this season and why? 

Doncaster at home the day everything became reality on and off the pitch! (@seagull32) // Doncaster at home... the atmosphere was insane, and the reaction of all Brighton fans when Will Buckley slotted it away was phenomenal (LorenzoBHAFC) // Doncaster, Amex. Was in my seat at 12:59 and didn't move there until long after William Buckley had finished, and CMS had clapped us all (Ninja Elephant) // Doncaster, first taste of the pies! (Ali_rrr) // Buckley's goal in the 98th followed by running down the steps to celebrate with the players, only stopped a foot away by a steward, and getting on TV in the celebration, makes it the best moment of my life (@bishthebash) // Doncaster Home. The day we got a level playing field (ColBol) // Doncaster 2-1 @ home. Already an amazing occasion, but Will Buckley made it legendary (weststander).
The Doncaster game. I'd imagine 90%+ will have said this, but everything about the whole day was just incredible (Charlie from Birmingham) // Home v Doncaster Rovers. History being made (Tired Boy) // Doncaster at home, why? Atmosphere, Coming Home, grandstand finish, it had it all (Tim Over Whelmed) // Doncaster - 14 years, 90 minutes, 2 goals and 1 of many new heroes for the Albion (Kumquat) // Has to be Donny at home. A farytale of a day from start to finish. Then Will Buckley ran down the wing for me and notched THAT 98th minute winner. I haven't seen that many grown men cry since Scott and Charlene's wedding circa 1987 (@brettmendoza) // Doncaster, fantastic day, great result, one long party (fatty john).

Doncaster - I missed a lads holiday with 20 mates for that day, the emotion of it was fantastic, with a fairytale ending (Billy) // Doncaster @ home to win first game of season and the flag waving lump in the throat moments // Doncaster home - the game everyone had been waiting for for over a decade & Buckley pops up with two late goals. If Roy Of The Rovers had shifted to the 21st Century (Bitter & Twisted) // Donny at home, first real game, amazing finish - a special, special day (Boz) // Donny match. We waited 14 long years for that. Was it worth the wait... hell yeah! Never to be repeated never to be forgotten (Parker).
Cardiff away - excellent performance - lovely evening - good banter from the 1,000 travelling fans (Wiltshire Seagull) // I'm tempted to say Play Off Final but Cardiff away 3-1 (Tony Meolas Loan Spell) // Cardiff away for watching the woman's rugby team train and the night out after on Jonny Woodgates. Plus the result (Mutley).

Burnley at home - face of adversity. Newcastle at home - great atmos (Soul Finger) // Burnley (Home). Even though we lost with two awful decisions by the ref. It was the coming together of the crowd which made the day. A real watershed moment as we continued to get use to life at the Amex (Obi77BHA) // Burnley at home. The atmosphere was the best there's been at the Amex by a mile - the crowd really were the 12... er 10th man (JohnnyS) // At home v Burnley. We played surprisingly well with 9 men and nearly beat the northerners. We should try it if we get into the play offs? (Drumstick) // Burnley... I have never left a game having lost, feeling so energised and positive... What an atmosphere! (Jon) // Burnley @ Home 0-1. All 9 players on the pitch giving everything until the end. And we could have nabbed a point right at the end as CMS had a shot cleared off the line. Awesome atmosphere, think I did a fart at one point that went completely unnoticed in the noise (Carter). Still hard to look beyond Buckaroo but Guess Who is still great (@ImMrBrightside7).

Leeds at home....it was MENTAL and there was lots of comedyfending (Tom Stewart) // Leeds at home was a brilliant match, Liverpool at home was a great spectacle, beating Newcastle was amazing but nothing, and I possibly mean no game any season ever will beat Buckley in the 98th minute. It was the perfect start to a new era for all of us (Regency Gull ).
Southampton at home as it saw us end an awful run from the festive holidays and started our unbeaten run in 2012 (@Matt_J_Lewis) // The second half demolition of saints (sharpey38) // Soton home, after a poor run we were expecting a tough game, I then saw Brezovan in goal and thought oh no (Maski) // Leeds at home was probably the 'best' game but I most enjoyed our reserves clinically dissecting the South Coast Club (brightonrock) // Southampton (H) - won 3-0 with our reserve side and Lambert sent off (Jim D) // Southampton at home as there's nothing like taking down a smug team a peg or two (Jam The Man) // Saints at home - me, my brother and my dad together at Falmex for the first time (@benrawlings77).

Peterborough away. It's traditional isn't it? (@Seagull81) // Peterborough (A), the terrace was absolutely rocking and bouncing for most of the game, especially when Buckley put in the winner! (Xander/SeagullSongs) // Really difficult - Peterborough away for the reminiscing of what the toilets were like at Goldstone Ground or Cardiff for the awesome performance (@elbowpatches). Derby - simply because we looked class & some Spanish bloke made me giggle like a small girl (@klinski1970) // Derby - the Kazenga/Vicente show (BlueWhiteStripes) // Forest Home - Pandemonium at the end (Robbie Eyles) // Ipswich, great game and won £25 from Ipswich fan. And Bannergate (Rosca Seagull on the Wing).

They have all been part of one big parcel of absolute footballing SEX (JonathanLivingstonSeagull).

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