19 May 2012


Lets be honest now, away days since we’ve been at Falmer have been a little shit. There are three clear reasons for this: 1) the Amex is bloody awesome, 2) we’re not winning almost every away fixture like we did last season and, 3) we found ourselves quite often in the tightly packed TSLR Scirocco this season (it only has four seats incidentally). In fact, a combination of abject performances (West Ham for example) mixed with losing (West Ham for example) , the gantry’s being far too claustrophobic (West Ham for example) and beer being limited (West Ham for example) means that travelling away is as bad as it has ever been. And it tends to cost far more than bunking the train from London Road to Falmer stations. All in all, we'd rather be in the North Stand Atrium Social Club every week.

All this meant that getting good memories from your away trips this season was tough. But luckily we phrased it so you would tell us about your most memorable trips this year, shit performances an’ all. Listed below is the extended version of your answers – thanks yet again for submitting your inner most thoughts about the last season.

What was your most memorable away trip was this season and why?

Pompey away was brilliant. To win, and against THEM was fantastic. Especially as their penalty in the last minute, would've gone in a couple of years back (Wowee) // Portsmouth was decent, load of laughs as they missed a penalty (Ali_rrr).
Cardiff. Great performance and an unexpected three points (Brian Riggs) // Cardiff. Went slightly on a whim with a mate. What a performance - the best since Charlton last season (Ed Woodhouse) // Cardiff, HOOTERS (fatty john) // Cardiff away. Brilliant performance in the second best stadium in the Championship (Rickhebs).
Bristol City away... Won 1-0 and was first wedding anniversary so went with wifey who loved it! Lush sunshine as well (@seagull32) // Bristol City - we were top of the league! (Boz).
Didn't get to too many but Leicester was good for that mouthy Leicester girl. I think we enjoyed it more when they scored. 'One nil. And you're still a slag' (Kumquat).
Ipswich - I was sick as a dog (not alcohol related) (Soul Finger).
Millwall, a Brighton fan threw a bottle of beer at us and it was a shite result (Fan-with-no-name).

Birmingham. It was pretty funny due to a rather large lady in the stand next to us hurling abuse, which she got back in spades (itszamora) // Birmingham. That Jamaican was the best steward anywhere in the country. He kissed every single lady on the cheek and shook every single bloke's hand. What a legend. Pity about the actual game... (@demonkarlos).
Saints. The ludicrous penalties. Tanno's red card. The sheer injustice of it all. Grrrrrrrr (simon h).
Derby away. As it's the only away game I've seen us win (Obi77BHA) // Derby away...only due to the Asian R&B night in Birmingham afterwards (Lawrence Wisdom).
Middlesbrough, just for wondering why the hell we bothered with a stupidly long trip just before Christmas for THAT (@ImMrBrightside7) // The 'chicken parmo' (below) at Middlesbrough was a highlight (Tom Stewart).
Coventry. The team didn't turn up, I spent a fortune and I wasted my NYE travelling back on a train on my own! (middletoenail) // Coventry on New Years Eve. 5 of us in a tiny 4 seater car. Not enough pre-match beers. A rubbish performance. But I saw barn door Billy at last actually have a shot on goal. Marvellous scenes (Ste).
Wrexham away was pretty memorable. Not for football mind; got there on Monday night- got home Thursday morning. Would do it again tomorrow though (@Seagull81).
Peterborough. The terraces were electric, outstanding atmosphere and Buckley's goal and the crowd surge after it was amazing. Plus, one of the only times 'that Palace song' actually worked (@bishthebash) // Peterborough, Memories as I always went when I was a kid and never missed one, the terrace/atmosphere, the win and the loudest I've ever heard the Elliot Ben...Cough Will Buckley heartbeat song (Drumstick) // Peterborough (as usual). Fantastic atmosphere on the terracing and the customary victory (Midfield Diamond).
Palace away was like visiting the zoo (Robbie Eyles).

Liverpool away. 'We scored 4, they scored 3 - Brighton's going to Wemberley' (JohnnyS) // Liverpool. Weird how such a temple of football, revered the world over, is such a cramped, uncomfortable venue, with poor sight lines (Monkey Man) // Liverpool... It was like the 7-1 at Huddersfield, but not quite as bad (ColBol) // Liverpool away, the only time I’ve seen us thumped by six goals and not felt pissed off, we played well and the scoreline flattered them (levski seagull) // Liverpool, although we got smashed, great experience, and made me realise how nice the Amex really is. Oh it's grim up north! (Harry Hartley) // Liverpool sadly. Its such a friendly part of the world but everything about reeks of sentimentality and past glories (Bitter and Twisted).
Leeds - sitting with Leeds fan who I took to the Amex earlier in the season. Revenge was great (Maski) // Leeds away. Always nice to beat those twats but especially in the last minute (Whitley Bayster).
Blackpool - A 640 round trip in 24 hours, to witness a 3-1 defeat (Barry Hilton).
Plymouth Fans Utd day really entertained by the Argyle fans and getting them doing left-side / right-side Argyle boys (Rosca Seagull on the Wing).
Wembley (now I’ve ruined it) (Jem Stone). (TSLR: Yes, you did!)

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