21 May 2012


The sixth in our series of end of season survey answers that are slightly longer than the ones that could physically fit into the 32 paper pages of TSLR039 feature your views on the one element of pwoper sexiness from the 2011/12 season. And we're not talking about Vicente's bare chest here. No, we're talking about the thing we waited our whole lives for, this humble football ground they call the Amex but - because of elongated planning decisions - will always be Falmer to us.
So we asked a couple of questions about the Amex at the end of March / beginning of April and below are the responses to the first. We asked you about the best thing of all about our new stadium that was purposely built within spitting distance of the point on the A27 where Robert Codner got pulled over by police on account of his speeding. Now, the only thing that speeds nearby (other than on loan Chilean full-backs) is Kazenga LuaLua.

Falmer may have taken a long time coming but that wait - coupled with the fact it's a fine arena set amongst a backdrop of increasingly decrepit English stadia - means that it's highly regarded by us. And you. And even away fans. I mean, it's not quite Withdean but it's not half bad...
The Amex: what is your favourite thing about our new stadium?

The fact that we have a proper size home crowd for the first time in years (Brian Riggs) // Not getting wet when it rains (Wowee) // The away fans can finally see us holding hands (Paul Baron) // The sound (Wiltshire Seagull) // Just the feeling that you can quite happily spend absolutely hours there either side of the game. I have never been to such an accommodating stadium and still find it hard to believe that it is our home (Ed Woodhouse) // I was going to put a joke answer for this, but then I started crying (JohnnyS).
The smell. The goldstone was fags the AMEX is pies. Come a long way really (@Seagull81) // The togetherness and staying for a beer after (Maski) // The quality of the place, so many new stadiums are cheap and nasty, not Falmer (levski seagull) // Sophie the WSU barmaid. If she ever leaves it will just not be the same, god bless her cottons (brightonrock) // The atmosphere/singing/made to stay behind for a few pints as trains crap (Masky1) // The first sight of it each week still takes my breath away (@notguspoyet) // The fact that it exists and is ours. And the pies and Harvey's. And the padded seats. And the giant screens (itszamora).
Harvey's by a mile! (Tim Over Whelmed) // The 'Wall of Legends' - a nice nod to our past. No Mike Small or Kevin Bremner though? (Tired Boy) // My seat, the pies, the sprinkler that sometimes gets stuck up after the others, having a pint, a roof (Regency Gull) // The fact it is ours. We have been homeless since I was 12. The Goldstone was nice, but it was falling apart. For the first time in my life, I feel like a support a proper team - one with a stadium (@demonkarlos) // The architecture and atmosphere (@dazpaine) // Gullys Girls obviously, you wouldnt expect me to say anything else. They are FIT (@brettmendoza) // Being able to stay for a chat and a beer with mates from all over the ground after the game (fatty john).
EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING (Robbie Eyles) // The quality of the build. it just feels premier league (Waino696969) // Pies (@NickJ4797) // Just the general buzz around the ground, and the fact that is it ours (Billy) // Dry seats (seagurn) // I suppose that it far surpasses everything we had ever hoped for during all the struggles and campaigns to make it happen (Midfield Diamond) // Love it all, but it would be the prepaid card/season ticket (Tottonseagull) // Simple: the football (Dawesy) // It exists (Swiss Tony) // That it exists. Also the prohibited items sign which helpfully tells me that firearms aren't allowed into the ground (Ste).

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