20 July 2012


I was alerted to THIS interview with Sean O'Driscoll from a few years back when Doncaster were playing nice football in the Championship after promotion from League 1.

There was one passage that really struck home, that reminded me of our own promotion from League 1, and ultimately the change in culture at the Albion that Gus Poyet brought us.

"We were in League One trying to do the things that we wanted to do. But people told us we shouldn’t be doing this or that and you’ll never get out of this division playing football and you’ve got to bang the ball forward instead. Once, we were 5-1 up against Lincoln in the Johnsons Paint Trophy and we were booed by our own fans because we kept the ball and passed it around, we had a league game on Saturday and we didn’t want to expend any more energy than we had to. That’s typical. Then Swansea came here and beat us 4-1 and they were tremendous and all our players went f*****g h*** they play football. We took a lot of positives out of that match because we thought everyone’s telling us you can’t play good football to get out of the division but not only can you do it but if you do it properly you can walk the league."

It's good to be different, isn't it.

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