20 July 2012


In the next couple of days, the TSLR team will escape this increasingly piss-poor English summer weather for the 30+ odd degrees of the much anticipated Albion Spanish pre-season tour. Whilst there, if you notice one of the flyers from the photo casually discarded in the gutter, you’ll know that we’ve been there too. Thanks to the club's outrageous ineptitude in announcing any details of the plans until a couple of weeks ago, the TSLRite contingent will be pretty small. But we will be there.

Other than the Ruffian and 1901 badges that we gave out a couple of seasons back, this is the first piece of marketing we've ever undertaken - we'll be giving out these flyers to tempt Albionites like you into taking out a subscription of The Seagull Love Review for the season (or for any 9 issue period). They'll be available in Spain and selected other pre-season matches (well, the glamour ones like when we have to bow to those fools and their trophy from west London as well as the FDM testimonial). Unfortunately, due to the fact that we haven't charged for postage in the previous four seasons, we've had to hike our subscription prices. As this represents quite an increase for worldwide subscribers, we're tempering the increase with a new, cheaper £5 subscription for an e-edition which our tech savvy monkeys have been working on all summer.

If you want to say hello in Spain, stalk our sun-burnt British bodies or generally abuse us for our lack of respect and higher subscription prices, then drop us a Tweet. See you on the other side (of France). We will be trying to remember to blog from Spain on this very website and will attempt to avoid sleeping on roundabouts with automated sprinkler systems a la the Algarve circa 2010.

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