20 September 2012


Gordon Greer today told us not to look at the League table. And anything GG says... As many readers of TSLR will know, over the past four and a bit years we've been really good at printing lies. Statistics, meanwhile, have been harder to come by - correct stats are more of an official programme thing, aren't they? We haven't seen many decent stats in the official programme recently so we here at TSLR Towers have decided to do our own little bit of research.

Our Excel-lent spreadsheet is bloody simple. We basically chart this season's results against their 2011/12 equivalent - with promoted teams being replaced by those that came down and a similar thing happening to the teams who finished at the bottom of the table. By then having a +/- system of points gained or lost, we can see how well we're doing in comparison with last season's Albion performances. And, on the basis we missed out on the play-offs by nine points last year, we can work out how many extra points we need to sort of establish how close we'll be. For the record, we finished 22 points off automatic promotion to the top flight last term.

Anyway, the point is we're five points up on last season so far - which is well on the way to getting that automatic promotion. Although it must be said, we haven't had that Palace related slump in form yet. Compared with last year, we're a point down from the Hull trip but then three points from each of the visits to Burnley and Watford. The Sheffield Wednesday result at Falmer equalled the win against Coventry last season.

Disclaimer: this is boredom-led and probably not entirely accurate so please don't use it for gambling purposes.

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