17 September 2012


Despite my youthful good looks and immature attitude, I turned 28 this summer. One present I gratefully received was an Albion duvet cover. But, unlike my previous Albion duvet incarnations, this one is for a double bed. I know... adult sized. 

I must have received my first Albion duvet cover in the glory days of the Goldstone North Stand. It was blue - not Albion blue, a sort of chalky blue moving towards the navy spectrum - with two white circular Albion logos (the old one). I still have it somewhere. It provided me with a high rating on the self styled ‘cool-o-meter’ that I had invented back in 1992. The logo seemed to be sort of stuck on, a bit like the first batch of green and black away shirts that have the Brighton and Hove Jobs logo stuck on after the shirt had been made. These days, the logo is peeling significantly. But I’d never throw it away. 
When the Albion were rebranded with the Dick Knight shield logo, the new shop on Queen’s Road went into a period I tend to describe as ‘hideously designed tat overdrive’. My new single duvet cover was a whitewash - a bit like our 2009-11 home kit from behind. There were no stripes - only a bizarre blue tinged diagonal pattern. The positive - it was the exact opposite in terms of blue and white to my new curtains (complete with the same hideous design). At University from 2003-06, the Albion’s design department left a lot to be desired and there would be a decent amount of well deserved single duvet covered abuse hurled my way. Uncle Dick even managed to successfully ruin the Skint logo. 

Which brings us to the current rebrand. The return to Falmer and, ultimately, the circular logo was welcome - if not the dolphin logo we appropriated for TSLR t-shirt purposes this weekend. The dearth of good design appeared dead. That was what I thought, until my 28th birthday. My new duvet cover is not a bad design exactly, certainly compared to previous efforts. The logo is good, the stripes are welcomed back, you can purchase matching curtains and the blue is proper Albion blue. The problem is this: I’m 28 and it’s a double duvet cover. A double. I always thought that, in order to assure potential sexual partners, football team branded double duvet covers simply don’t exist. How wrong I was. 
My particular problem, however, is this: it surely was just a single cover that they decided to stitch on top of a double cover, thus the edges are white and the quality rubbish. In that sense, it really is an Albion design classic. Classic as in classic-ly rubbish. But I will continue to use it - if I bring potential suitors to my bedroom (and it can be a big 'if'), why on earth would I be scared of them seeing my love for the Albion? There’s only one thing for it. TSLR double duvet cover anyone?


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