10 January 2013


The club posted an update on Facebook yesterday with a nostalgic, if depressing, memoir regarding an Albion home win against Derby County back in the 02/03 season.

Kerry Mayo scored the winning goal, but this retrospective was blighted by an inaccuracy that I never thought club officials would fall foul of.

There is no 'The' in front of the name 'Withdean'.

To me, somebody coining the term 'The' Withdean is like seeing a video of a seal pup being clubbed in Canada. I break down and weep. "What's wrong with him?" they scowl as I blubber on the floor before rearing up, Gollum-like, "It's just Withdean you fool!".

The area doesn't need a Sky Sports News friendly prefix, and other stadiums simply named after their surrounding estate don't attract the unnecessary title either. For example, next time you're in the pub talking football with your mates, start referring to Liverpool's ground as The Anfield, or arrange the forthcoming Sheffiled Wednesday away trip by typing The Hillborough into Google Maps.


Excuse my snobbery but I associate people who use the 'The' word as suspicious. Outsiders who wonder what the Hove bit means in our full name, and only went to the Goldstone Ground to watch the Intertoto Cup match between Spurs and Osters.

Perhaps I'm being harsh on non-Brightonians who regularly travelled in from the county and weren't au fait with the many 'deans' of the city, that the salubrious suburb has been around since at least the 12th century and that prior to Albion's squatting had never attracted the 3 letter word that angrily forms the subject of this rant.

The odd individual dropping the T word is OK now and again, but for the club to use it is just lazy.  It's references like that that start to alter the way we think about places, a kind of post-Amex revisionist strategy to forget that historically we're a mediocre third divsion team who happened to play in the worst football ground ever to grace the Football League.

OK, maybe that's a bit over the top, but give me a break, I haven't mentioned Barber once.


Sarah Stapley said...

Not over the top, annoys me too. along with those that call our new the The A-mex rather than The Amex. Since when did our sponsers become A-merican and not American?

Sarah Stapley said...

That should say our new 'home' of course!