14 January 2013


After the leaked news last Friday that Albion operated at an £8m loss last season, the @tslr Twitter account was at its busiest since Fran Sandaza scored that winner against Oldham at Withers in September 2010. Like us, many wondered what was in Marcos Painter’s kitbag (er, kit?) following an exciting official club text  previewing Saturday’s official programme. It cost us £3.50 to find out that satsumas feature heavily. But this blog post shows all you non-Twitter-ites what you are missing, namely under the banner of #BHAMoneySavingsTips. After being hassled by regular contributor @BrettMendoza on Friday, TSLR Towers pondered how the club could improve its finances:

“SAVE MONEY on expensive announcers by replacing Richard Reynolds with Warren Aspinall #BHAMoneySavingTips”

The response asking for contributions from the Twittersphere was brilliant, and if you don’t keep up with the following hilarious Albionites on Twitter, get involved now.

“Pie and Panda Pop Meal Deal #BHAMoneySavingTips”

“Poundland do three light bulbs for £1 #BHAMoneySavingTips”

“Charge a £2 booking fee but don’t send out paper ticket in envelope or pay P&P, simply top up smart cards instead #BHAMoneySavingTips What?”

Poundland could provide us with both cheap light bulbs and gallons of Panda Pop. It could be even cheaper than @BHALush and @BrettMendoza thought.

“#BHAMoneySavingTips Tony Bloom - gamble £8 Million on Poker - we win then we break even - we lose then we are probs in Administration! #BHAFC” 

Not sure about the Portsmouth route but Bloom's supposed to be a decent betting man - why not?

“#BHAMoneySavingTips Not money saving, but do an Arsenal and charge £62 for away fans, the Amex is based a bit on the Emirates #BHAFC” 

Nice. Topical. One to think about seriously. Especially when Palace turn up to beat us again.

“@tslr skins for away games #BHAmoneysavingtips” 

“@tslr jumpers for goal posts #BHAMoneySavingTips” 

We like these clothing themed suggestions. Perhaps the players can wear their own clothes to away games and use them for goalposts. Then both your money savings dreams can come true.

“Only have one large screen at the Amex - cut the leccy bill a bit #BHAmoneysavingtips” 

“Do away with match day stewards :-) #BHAmoneysavingtips” 

“@tslr Get @darkstarbrewco to produce a concentrate and kit the bars out with sodastreams #BHAMoneySavingTips”

“#BHAMoneySavingTips fire the idiots that can't tell the difference between a burger and a hotdog”

“Stop the training budget for concourse staff #BHAmoneysavingtips” 

Sorry, they're trained? I don't think us here at TSLR Towers quite understand. Although, if they struggle to tell the difference between hot dogs and burgers, cutting the training may not be the best way forward.

“#BHAmoneysavingtips Don't take Ryan Harley back!!”

“Ebay mowers, buy lambs, keep on pitch to keep grass short, fattened up butcher and serve up in 1901, wool=hats&scarves #BHAMoneySavingTips”

Wow, this is thinking outside of the penalty area we - and undoubtedly the Albion - approve of.

“Self service for beers, pies and other refreshments #BHAMoneySavingTips”

Would we have to pay for pie boxes? A bit like paying for a carrier bag at M&S these days.

“@tslr change it to the BarclayCard stadium, and get 6 months interest free on the balance transfer #BHAmoneysavingtips” 

Wonderful, simply wonderful. For more delightfulness, keep an eye on the #BHAMoneySavingTips hashtag. Great work Twits. If you have any contributions to ways for Albion to save money, Tweet them to us or drop us an email. We think this area of debate is open for more golden contributions.

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