8 February 2013


Today is the sixteenth anniversary of the original Fans United day at the Goldstone Ground. The game is, in terms of both football and culture, one of the most important games in the clubs history.

It was important in footballing terms because we stayed up on goal difference, certainly helped by this 5-0 home win.

Culturally it was important because it was a very tangible realisation that we were not alone, that we were supported by others from outside the Goldstone. Individuals played a massive role in the '97 story, but it was collectivism and union that kept us going, the awareness that we could achieve more together.

That day sewed seeds that we reaped for many years after. We made the media engage with us through reform, as opposed to activism, for the first time since the York City game. Everything mattered back then, everything added something powerful and important, all the different protests enriching the story of how the fans saved the club.

Today, however, can you imagine standing in line with your fellow fans in the name of protest? Is the goodwill generated that day, and throughout the campaign, something that you still feel is engrained in the culture of Brighton and Hove Albion?

What we can say is that Fans United helped save us from an unknown abyss, and we should remember that old song on the 8th of February each year without fail.

'The Fans, United, Will Never Be Defeated!'

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