8 February 2013


Like a sausage factory, The Seagull Love Review publishing house churns out fanzines at an alarming pace.

The 7th issue of this season hits the vast Amex approaches this Saturday for the visit of Hull City, and this sausage is filled with only quality fayre from the finest Sussex pigs.

So what do you get for your £1? Well, 32 pages of alternative Albion nonsense that's what. We don't tow the party line at TSLR and no aspect of our club is safe from the omnipotent team of contributors who donate their prose for your benefit each month.

Inside TSLR046 we have some stuff about this odd digital takeover thing at the Amex, a story about pissing on Ron Atkinsons trousers at the Goldstone, a bit about our Pan-Sussex Allstar team from 2006, a very questionable Ulloa quiz, a bit of FFP business and some cartooons, wahoo! We've also got a full house of usual contributions from our famous staffers, and tons of news and reviews from January, all minced in our own inimitable fashion.

So don't be a dick, buy a fanzine.

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