29 May 2013


There haven't been too many seasons recently when Albion fans were keen for the whole thing to be over and mimic the players' mental fatigue and longing for the beach.

But 2012/13 was just that. Albion fans high on Poyet's sugar-sweet league campaign felt a crash more akin to a 5 year old on Skittles as the final whistle went against Palace at The Amex.

Upon returning home that night thoughts certainly turned towards a break from it all. The holiday that you'd booked a few months ago suddenly become far more important without a fixture in your diary first. Those bank holidays would soon be here and the Sussex Coast and Downs will be awash with sunshine and framed by our envy-of-England azure skies.

The kit has already been released, you know the fixtures aren't out for an eternity and if anybody from outside the Albion family starts to talk to you about the club and the recent turn of events, you stick your fingers in your ears and start mumbling in a child-like monotone la-la-la-la-la-I-hate-football-leave-me-alone.

Like Vietnam, if you weren't there, you wouldn't understand.

So what to do this summer? Well, you can spend more time with your family or partner. Get on an open top bus to the Dyke and look at the kites and, erm, sheep. Perhaps visit family elsewhere on England's green and pleasant land, or catch up on the gardening you've been neglecting. You might be jetting off. Bollocks to the pre-season tour after last season's embarrassing debacle; get yourself to Greece or Spain, or France and Germany. Immerse yourself in another culture or just wallow as a Chorizo-phobe in your Gibraltan timeshare*.

Like the junkie you are though, that hunger will still be in the back of your mind. You can't shift it.

This is our recommendation. Get hold of an eReader, like a Kindle or Kobo, or even an iPad or Smartphone, and fill it with all of last season's TSLRs, digitized for easy reading.

For just a fiver, via our secure online shop, we'll send you a file with 10 issues zipped up. You just drag and drop them onto your device and while away the hours on your sun lounger having a good old laugh about how great/shit we were last season, or getting stuck into one of our longer articles about the new CEO, safe standing or our financial health. There's over 100k words overall, and it's better than trawling the shelves at the WH Smith's in Gatwick - you'll read that copy of FourFourTwo within a few hours.

Buy your TSLR holiday reading by clicking HERE.

*Stolen from the Daily Mash

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