23 September 2013


Ah, the sweet relief of a home win, and one that marked the 50th league game at The Amex - a thought that is still astonishing even in our 3rd season.

TSLR051 had it's home launch, and about 6 months after we said we would, we also launched a set of new t-shirts in some new colours, a new design, and the full spectrum of sizes for Albion's par-baked fans.

The Stand or Fall design (above) is available in royal, navy and a really nice mottled grey.  The classic GOSBTS tee (below), that we shifted a ton of last season, is now available in royal, navy and black, and in all sizes.

All are designed by us at TSLR HQ and then kindly screen-printed by hand in Brighton on heavy cotton.  We don;t do mass production and we don't worry too much about profit margins, so they're £11 each and they are all limited in stock!

These, plus other t-shirts, badges, books, prints, fanzines and oddly enough, mouse-mats are all available at our super secure online shop which you can visit by clicking HERE.

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