25 September 2013


It might not have ended how we wanted it to end. It may not be the destination we thought he would end up at. But it looks increasingly likely that Gus Poyet will be appointed manager of Sunderland later today.

Of course, nothing is signed yet. He was favourite for the Reading job last season but decided Berkshire wasn’t for him. But, by the time many of you read this, Poyet may well have appeared in the obligatory scarf holding press shots at the Stadium of Light. He will almost certainly be smiling. His, as Albion fans know, is an infectious, jaw-stretching grin. He chuckles like an expensive-suit-clad hyena. There were no smiles after his final game at the Albion though. Far from it. The club which had enjoyed a succession of glorious highs since he took charge had experienced an appalling low. Defeat to arch rivals Crystal Palace in a Play Off semi final second leg was not how it was meant to be. The sober and sombre cloud which hung low in the air around the club has only recently begun to lift.

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