28 October 2014


I have a terrible confession to make.

I love the new third kit. The orange one. The one that looks like a hideous highlighter pen, yet is somehow brighter. The one that makes the green and black highlighter pen kit from yesterseason pretty dull on reflection. The one that costs a whopping £45, which means buying all three shirts this season would cost £135. The shirt that I should hate. One that is probably manufactured by poverty-stricken Indonesian children who should be at school (Nike’s PR team, of course, these days claim this is not the case). The shirt that makes you look like a steward. The one that is a third kit we don't need That orange one.

I know I shouldn’t but the more I saw of people wearing it on Saturday the more excited I became. I want one and I will buy one once I have saved up my pennies. I know the arguments against (I have just listed them) and yet I still love it. Is it the identification of football orange and the Dutch, Total Football and Rinus Michels? Is it because the football on the pitch isn’t quite so bright at the moment? Is it so I won’t get lost in amongst the crowds this winter? Is it because it’s Halloween this week and I want to look like a pumpkin? Or is it quite simply that I’m colour blind?
I genuinely don’t know why I love it so. This orange Nike identikit that you can purchase for just £19 online without the Albion and American Express logo stuck on. I will buy one and hang my head in shame for looking like a wannabe steward. To be honest, I like it like I like Rick Astley - I know I really shouldn’t. But, honestly, I’m going to buy one. And I’m never going to give it up.

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