24 May 2012


As filthy, dirty and downright disGUSting rumours circulate Twitter that Sir Poyet may well be on his way to Aston Villa (admittedly mainly from the TSLR Twitter account), we thought it appropriate to cheer you all up. On the end of season visit to Barnsley (or was it Burnley? Who cares? Somewhere up north anyway), we picked up this hilarious brochure for things you really don't need. After several drinks en route home in Sheffield, it suddenly dawned on us that we do want something...

The Botachello Leather Organiser Bag is accompanied by a message from none other than Peter Ward. Bring it on. For the record, the number to call to order yours for free when purchasing something else is 08445 434 435 so why not pick up the phone, order some 'Jennifer Jones' comfort sandals and let the good times roll.

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